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Alzheimer's, Dementia & Caregiving with Dr. David Hutchings, Offering CEUs
An In-depth lecture on Alzheimer's Dementia and Caregiving featuring Dr. David Hutchings, Ph.D. Geriatric Neuropathology & Dementia
Offering FREE 1.5 Contact Hours or 0.15 CEUs for RNS, LPNs, & MSWs through the UTC Center for Professional Education.

• Dementia types, differential diagnosis and differences among types of dementia
• Genetic risks and gene mutations of dementia
• Characteristics of each dementia and strategies for treatment
• Stages of dementia and declines at each stage for symptom management
• Advanced symptom management of dementia and how to address nutritional decline, decline in activities of daily living and fall prevention
a. Implementation of therapies to assist in all stages of dementia
b. Decrease caregiver burden and costly treatments
c. Address difficult topics such as feeding tubes
• How to provide evidenced-based practices to dementia evaluation and treatment


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Dr. David Hutchings, PhD
Neurologist & Dementia Specialist @Bluesky House Calls
Dr. David T. Hutchings specializes in geriatric neuropathology and Dementia(s). Dr. Hutchings is also the founder of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care, LLC a private practice firm focused on the evaluation, treatment and clinical education of all forms of dementia. In 2021 he joined his practice with Bluesky House Calls. Dr. Hutchings works along with the Alzheimer’s Association on the state and national levels for clinical education to practitioners and caregivers as well as provides guidance to the Alzheimer’s Association. Dr. Hutchings also is the Chief Operations Office for Spectramed. Dr. Hutchings graduated with a Bachelors degree from the University of Mississippi with a Masters degree from University of Central Missouri and completed his doctorate from Nova Southeastern Medical University with a specialization of geriatric neuropathology.